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We believe that using information should be simple

Information and data is at the core of every decision we make, every day. Our carefully designed systems make accessing and using information simple and secure for you and your people.

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Information Logistics

Your dedicated information provider. We provide a single and auditable access point to a myriad of trusted datasets. Our systems allow organisations to easily control and manage external information at an ‘organisational’ level – something few have experienced.

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Data can be a Maze

We all know information is the currency of good business. But often too much time is lost finding a way through the maze.
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It can also be Amazing

Infolog provides your people access to the data they need in the format they need it, when they need it. Infolog operates five core-information services which can function independently or integrate together to support your business processes.
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We support your business operations!


Audit, Compliance & Investigations


Data Validation, cleansing & maintenance

Proof of identity


Claims management

On-Boarding services (client, licensing & providers)


Credit Control

Debt collection (incl. Trace & location services)

Smart Phone App

Infolog Search Portal Service – This is our most popular service. The Infolog Search Portal is a one-stop information management tool for organisations. The service brings immediate time saving and productivity gains as users come to one place and search across multiple information sources. Client organisations can easily manage the information sources each user, or group can access. Sharing capability is provided to support group work. We can customise searches to meet a business need.

Infolog Notification Service – The service will advise when selected ‘detail of interest’ within an entity changes, great support for your AML/KYC requirements . This service can be bulk loaded or operate independently to advise when any detail relating to an ‘Entity’ changes (e.g. company, property etc)

Custom On-Boarding Reports – Custom reports collating information from a variety of Infolog datasets to allow single click summaries. These reports can be tailored to support your business requirements; AML/KYC requirements, new supplier, customer, registration, credit and licensing business functions.

Infolog Bulk Search Service – Provides the capacity to search a number of entities over a number of datasets concurrently (e.g. properties, vehicles). This service can also be utilised to clean client data, gain a deep view of an industry sector, or be combined with other services to score any matches identifying potential conflict of interest issues between providers and staff.

Infolog Service Layer – In certain processes an organisation knows what searches are necessary, either to complete the relevant process, or move to the next stage in that process. Your system can query our and the search results returned automatically. Infolog provides a range of API’s allowing clients to integrate our services into your business systems. Effectively this provides your internal systems with direct access to Big Data without the costs of accruing, storing, managing, validating, cleansing or hosting such data. (API’s = Application Program Interface)

Smart Phone App – Infolog has partnered with a leading mobile application software development company and together we can deliver apps of real value to your business and your customers. Fueled by creativity and supported by quality information.


You will see immediate benefits as we make your peoples’ jobs easier whilst providing enhanced information services.

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