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Infolog Search Portal Service – This is our most popular service. The Infolog Search Portal is a one-stop information management tool for organisations. The service brings immediate time saving and productivity gains as users come to one place and search across multiple information sources. Client organisations can easily manage the information sources each user, or group can access. Sharing capability is provided to support group work. We can customise searches to meet a business need.

The Portal also provides features to assist users and enhance productivity.


  • Drill down accelerators – instant search on the findings
  • Extended reports
  • Visualisation
  • Video on demand training and reference
  • Result export to .pdf, .csv/excel, email, visualisation tools and direct extraction into intelligence software is also supported. Bulk export of results is also available for specific services (eg PPSR)
  • Management reporting functions give your organisation detailed usage reporting, cost per file, and a complete audit trail for compliance requirements.
  • Sharing capability between groups can be set to support your business processes.


Originally built to support anti-money laundering requirements, our Extended Company Report is now utilised by both corporate and government clients to assess risk and identify links between entities.

In seconds the report details links that the company and all related people have to other companies and other key data such as insolvency history.

As well as being adopted as a standard business intelligence report clients have found value in application in processes such as procurement and audit; for example identifying where service providers have set up more than one company to circumvent rules, or gain access to higher funding, or have links to entities they are distributing fund to.


INFOLOG SERVICE LAYER (API’s = Application Program Interface)

In certain processes an organisation knows what searches are necessary, either to complete the relevant process, or move to the next stage in that process. Details can be passed from your system to ours and the search results returned automatically. The Infolog Service Layer provides a range of API’s allowing clients to integrate our services into your business systems to enhance your business processes and performance. For example, the Infolog Service Layer can provide ‘real time’ validation, as information is entered into an application form or claims form. The search results can be electronically read and ‘inconsistencies’ of interest flagged.  This enables resources to be directed to these particular files. A certain search result may initiate another search where required.



Custom reports collating information from a variety of Infolog datasets to allow single click summaries. These reports can be tailored to support your business requirements; compliance in AML/KYC processes, new supplier, customer, registration, credit and licensing business/person functions. Custom On-Boarding Reports decrease the costs of your processes while improving consistency and accuracy.



Notifications are the future and one of the fastest growing areas of our business. Notifications allow organisations to operate in a proactive, rather than in a reactive manner providing the ability to reduce downstream costs and exposure to risk. The service will advise when selected ‘detail of interest’ within an entity changes. An entity may be a person, property or company. Notifications can start or support a business process. It puts you in control of the information as you don’t need to keep asking, we will push data to you, advising you of the changes that are important to your business.

These services have applications in various parts of your organisation including anti-money laundering, procurement, audit, credit control and investigation.

Notification services can operate as stand-alone services, or integrate with our search portal. We provide a full management control service to support the Notification Services. You can control who has access to the services and can view and/or audit use of these.



Building beyond the Search Portal our Bulk Search services allow businesses to do “many” at once.

Verifying, checking, updating, enhancing can all be done in bulk.

  • We can provide bulk extracts of data to your specification from our sets
  • Anti-money laundering confirmations and validation of your customer data can be undertaken with the Bulk Search service
  • Relationships between parties can be explored and exposed providing Conflict of Interest audits or to ensure your dependence for supply is diverse enough to meet your internal risk requirements
  • If you need to extend the data you have – for example, to add postcodes or GIS or shareholdings we compare your data with ours and provide the additions you require

Where bulk data is transferred Information Logistics hosts and operates a secure file transfer server that supports SSH SFTP and HTTPS web client access. The server can perform both public key authentication with password for SFTP connections and IP whitelisting. The solution is HIPAA Compliant and FIPS 140-2 validated, with full logging and auditing.


Infolog has partnered with a leading mobile application software development company and together we can deliver apps of real value to your business and your customers. Fueled by creativity and supported by quality information.

You will see immediate benefits as we make your peoples’ jobs easier whilst providing enhanced information services.

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