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Infolog Overview:

Infolog is a one-stop information management tool for organisations. Organisations need to be able to easily control, and visualise the flow of information/data across all of their business.


  • Only then do they have the ability to build business process around that information flow (some of our services are built for this very purpose).
  • Increasing compliance requirements demand Improved functionality for both ‘users’ and ‘organisations’ = improved visibility / compliance / reporting / cost per file at all levels.
  • How Infolog information services are built = Start with user management + search services with additional functionality + business process tools + the audit/compliance areas.

Infolog’s datasets – your instant data repository

The datasets and services we offer clients to support their business processes include:


  • Comprehensive internet search of ‘search nodes’ (includes multiple ‘Phone’ and ‘PO Box’ algorithms)
  • Infolog’s proprietary databases (including information from several sources not publicly available)
  • Motor Vehicle Registration database
  • NZTA Search Service (Driver Licence)
  • Companies Office Register (+ Infolog extended Company Search)
  • On Boarding – Supplier or Client
  • On Boarding Reports – for new Supplier or Client
  • LINZ Land Information dataset (for searches against land/property information)
  • Credit Reporting (2 x services)
  • Infolog Tracing Service
  • Department of Internal Affairs Identity Service (Births, Passport, Citizenship data)
  • Property Valuation and Rating information
  • Building Consent information
  • New Zealand Post Change of Address
  • PPSR (Personal Property Security Registers) Both New Zealand and Australia registers
  • Insolvency and Trustee Service Charities Register
  • Infolog On-Line advertising search capability

Our system gives you:

  • Significant time savings and improved productivity
  • Access to an extensive range of registers and custom information services with enhanced functionality
  • A discount on fee-based searches across many of the datasets available
  • One invoice to manage your paid data requests
  • Enhanced management of risk and compliance with simple information management at an ‘organisational’ level
  • Full ‘user management’ and ‘audit functions’ to support your mandatory Legal, Policy and Statutory requirements
  • Infolog’s experience and expertise in information and information management

Information Compliance:

Whether access is by a smaller group of users, or across your organisation, the starting point for both is good information and data governance, which then allows strategic management of both the value and risk of this information. While the age old adage remains true that ‘Information is Power’ and good information will empower your business processes, our service goes further to provide you with full user management and a complete audit toolkit, thus assisting you to meet your policy and legislative requirements. Non-compliance is not an option. Privacy and “legitimate cause” underlie an increasing amount of legislation. Unfortunately we find many organisations well short of their own Policy requirements. We can help remedy this quickly. The system has many in-built features that assist users with compliance; users are also supported with on-line training modules in this area.

World-Leading Security:

Information security and confidentiality is core to your business and therefore to ours. We own and operate our own infrastructure, across which we operate the world-leading Qualys Continuous Security Products, the same product as used by many banks. Our systems adhere to industry standards in design and operation, including ISO27001. Where bulk data is transferred Information Logistics hosts and operates a secure file transfer server that supports SSH SFTP and HTTPS web client access. The server can perform both public key authentication with password for SFTP connections and IP whitelisting. The solution is HIPAA Compliant and FIPS 140-2 validated, with full logging and auditing.

You will see immediate benefits as we make your peoples’ jobs easier whilst providing enhanced information services.

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